Guest Post by Philtheiron- To ST at West Ham or not to ST at West Ham

A great comment, developing the conversation well, by Philtheiron on the last thread, which was certainly worthy of it’s own post, as follows: –


I think the whole ethos of season tickets and whether or not to attend matches is a very complicated one. Not to mention very emotive.

Apart from anything else it gets harder each year to justify the huge financial and emotional outlay each week/day when, as we get older and circumstances change, our priorities though never our loyalties can change.

So I can understand how giving up a season ticket especially over a point of principle or having to put family first, is not one that is ever taken lightly.

But we are and will always remain west ham⚒

As it has been mentioned before, last season has been a very difficult one what with one thing and another. And I have found it almost impossible at times to keep a clear head above water at times if I am honest. The constant barrage of negativity from the press and within hasn’t helped.

For there has been so much nonsense being written and spoken about the club, usually negative that it has been hugely frustrating. Also witnessing first hand each week the ongoing stadium problems and seeing little being done about it hasn’t improved matters either.

The stewarding, segregation and other ongoing problems etc has been akin to at times,to watching a huge train crash unfold right in front of you but without being able to do a thing about it. As I have said, all hugely frustrating.

Goatygav’s Bullets #9 – Almost there, the welcome end to the season for West Ham

claret and blues west ham gavThe final game is around the corner. Have we ever looked forward to a season’s close so much, or in fact at all, before? We all love the game and miss it during the Summer months but most of us seem to be looking forward to putting 2016-17 behind us. On reflection: –

  • Does having a manager who has remained dignified and respectful through incredibly testing times make you feel like we’ve got one of the good guys in charge of the team?
  • I’ve seen some disagree about what positions we should be signing new players in. What are our top priorities in the closed season?
  • Voda have pulled out of discussions about becoming the Stadium Sponsors. Do you think a leading edge brand name might end up with the naming rights or will A N Other betting company or the likes end up with their logo plastered all over the OS?
  • I’m off to see the Athletics at the Stadium in August. Personally I’m pleased that the stadium is fulfilling the ‘legacy’ promises that GB made during the campaign to bring the Olympics to our shores. Not everyone feels the same though. How do you feel about sharing with track and field?
  • Should Super Slav move on who would be your favourite candidates to replace him?