Guest Post by Philtheiron- To ST at West Ham or not to ST at West Ham

A great comment, developing the conversation well, by Philtheiron on the last thread, which was certainly worthy of it’s own post, as follows: –


I think the whole ethos of season tickets and whether or not to attend matches is a very complicated one. Not to mention very emotive.

Apart from anything else it gets harder each year to justify the huge financial and emotional outlay each week/day when, as we get older and circumstances change, our priorities though never our loyalties can change.

So I can understand how giving up a season ticket especially over a point of principle or having to put family first, is not one that is ever taken lightly.

But we are and will always remain west ham⚒

As it has been mentioned before, last season has been a very difficult one what with one thing and another. And I have found it almost impossible at times to keep a clear head above water at times if I am honest. The constant barrage of negativity from the press and within hasn’t helped.

For there has been so much nonsense being written and spoken about the club, usually negative that it has been hugely frustrating. Also witnessing first hand each week the ongoing stadium problems and seeing little being done about it hasn’t improved matters either.

The stewarding, segregation and other ongoing problems etc has been akin to at times,to watching a huge train crash unfold right in front of you but without being able to do a thing about it. As I have said, all hugely frustrating.

Goatygav’s Bullets #8 Another memorable day at the OS/LS

Saturday’s win was important. Important in the context of this season but also important as it’s another memorable day to add to the Chelsea League Cup win as a game that can be associated with the new stadium. The more of these games we have the more that we’ll start to feel ‘at home’.

The main topics of today’s bullets are far reaching but we’ll kick off with the stadium: –

  • How long do you reckon it will take to feel ‘At Home’ in Stratford? Does it depend on how many games we see the lads play with the kind of heart and passion we saw on Saturday?
  • For quite a while the board, thankfully, started to keep a lower media profile. Lately that seems to have changed. Do they just like the sound of their own voices or do they think they’re actually achieving anything by the, IMO, prattle?
  • On the subject of the club’s ownership there seems to be some indication that they would welcome investment without surrendering their seats on the board. Is it likely they’ll get a big money investor interested under those terms?
  • Big man little man. Would you like to see Defoe join Carroll to form a strike partnership next season? I, personally, think it would be a great option to have although I understand some people’s sentiments when it comes to ‘Judas’.
  • Of course it’s just as likely that neither will be at the club. With both of them being proven Prem strikers would that be an error on the club’s part?

West Ham United – uncertain times bring worried feelings

claret and blues west ham gavChange is the only constant in life. As a fan of West Ham United, when I look back at the last fifteen months, the pace of that change seems to have accelerated more than at any other time supporting the club. A new manager, and some excellent players, coming on board has given us a memorable 2015-16 season. At the end of that season we’ve left our spiritual home to move to an impressive new stadium. There have been massive challenges with how that new stadium was constructed, in terms of it’s compatibility for it’s ‘anchor’ usage, which, slowly, seem to be in the process of being addressed.

Perhaps what many of us are not considering is that we grieve for what has been left behind. Yes – we’re all excited about the prospect of becoming a ‘bigger’ club with more financial clout, more muscle in the transfer market, a better squad of players, regular European nights ‘under the floodlights’ and all the trappings of what success brings with it. However a period of grieving ensues with any form of loss and I think that many fans miss the Boleyn ground. It’s understandable but, right now, we’re all going through a period of fast changes whilst we all feel this loss.