Wishing Simone Zaza well – without a trace of irony

We’re all looking forward to a brighter second half of the season after Saturday’s blistering second half – amazing how good a 3-0 win becomes in hindsight, no matter how clunky the first half.

And once we wave goodbye to P*y*t we can all move on even more.

So in that respect I don’t want to dwell on the past – but the reaction by Simone Zaza to his time at the club has been refreshing, and has put the P*y*t saga in context.

I know he was absolutely useless, but at least Lady Zaza isn’t bad-mouthing the club in the wake of his departure.

Unless something has got lost in the translation he has fessed up that it was his fault he never got to grips with life in London. He’s not looking for excuses. He’s not blaming others.

He’s reported as saying: ‘It was a very difficult time for me.

‘When I joined from Juventus, I was optimistic. I wanted to experience playing in England because I thought it was the football I liked and where I could use my qualities.

‘Everything started badly from the outset. I think the main blame lies with me because I was not right mentally, I was very negative and in all the things that happened, I never saw the positive side.

‘There was an atmosphere, a culture very different to mine. That was a problem. Now I am here I feel bad not to have shown England what I am capable of.’

West Ham vs Crystal Palace; who needs Payet?

The social media networks were full of the need for West Ham United to respond to what has been an awful week with the fitting team performance. For me, and this is something I feel on an intensely personal level, the beating of Allardyce was every bit as on top of my agenda!

The first half was an intense disappointment. We were very slow out of the blocks and it was perhaps fortunate that we were playing a side who were equally as low on confidence as ourselves.

In fact, the shape was all wrong in that first period as well as our mental frailty and seeming lack of ambition. Playing five in midfield and using the wing-back system left Carroll extremely isolated and we created almost nothing in that first period. It really was a dire affair.

The hope was that at half time something might take place in terms of motivational words or indeed playing strategy that would turn things around. Fortunately, both of these things appeared to have happened.

Playing with a flat back four in the second period the signs were immediately better that we might be able to get something from the afternoon after all. Byram looked confident at right back and only having four in midfield seemed to free up our play, with Carroll now being supported by Antonio in attack.

Come and see our star’s inaction – West Ham’s new marketing ploy as Dimitri Payet says he won’t play

Payet refusing to play for West Ham

How we shared the news on our Facebook page earlier today

The star attraction is no more. 

The promotional strapline ‘Come and see our stars in action’ has today turned.

The club’s marketing will now read ‘Come and see our star’s inaction.’

The star in question being Dimitri Payet.

The breaking news that the Frenchman is refusing to play was a bit of a shocker, but most fans knew his heart hasn’t been in it this season.

What a kick in the teeth for the club and in particular Slaven Bilic, who made him the best-paid player in the club’s history.

claret and blues west ham gavFor me it was good while it lasted.

I hoped that we could turn things around and, eventually, re-capture some of the exciting football we witnessed last season but this term has been terrible so far.

There are many contributing factors of which one, undoubtedly, is the form of Dimi this season.

He’s looked uninterested and lacklustre but more importantly we’ve now had confirmation of why this is.

Monsieur Payet has announced that he doesn’t want to be with the club any more.

Under the circumstances I think that the owners should get as much as they can for him.

Question is how much can they get?

Four years left on his contract. At an age where he is very near to his prime.

Will you be glad to see the back of him?