West Ham throw in the towel but then nearly pull it back

We’re back to normal. Whatever that is.

West Ham chuck in the towel in the first 20 baffling minutes, create a mountain of their own making, and then nearly climb it.

Composure in front of goal and a lesser goalkeeper than Kasper Schmeichel and we could have won it.

Frustrating when we look back at chances that Andre Ayew and Andy Carroll should have buried, but what an amazing second half.

Leicester were tiring, sure, but West Ham gave it everything.

That’s what makes it so frustrating.

Injuries to Winston Reid and Pedro Obiang didn’t contribute to the defeat, and West Ham didn’t appear to miss Mark Noble.

Arthur Masuaku looked good when he came on, and Sam Byram had a decent game.

Manuel Lanzini is a magician and an inspiration.

The crowd? Some of the newbies need to learn that this is what our team’s like, so don’t give up and go home after 20 minutes.

I had a feeling Leicester were going to beat us going into this one, and I even predicted a 3-1 scoreline. I didn’t expect that to be the situation at half-time.

Ever the optimist (hah!), let’s take the positives from this one. There were a few, and it could have gone either way.

If only we could bury the memory of the opening 20 minutes by celebrating a win.

If you fancy ripping into the team and manager, off you go. Not me, guv.

Classless Sullivan Undermines Slaven Publicly but why?

Personally, when I heard that David Sullivan had come out and made comments, not just as a quick response to a journalist, but rather posted on the club’s website, I have to say that I cringed.

I have never made any secret of the fact that our joint chairmen (and it has to be said this particular individual especially) on so many occasions, in my opinion, just lack class. If you express your disappointment in response to a question it is one thing but to post what appears to be an article tinged with subtext and subliminal threat strikes me as counter-productive , arguably even tantamount to constructive dismissal.

I wonder if there is any coincidence that this week sees the renewal of season tickets and already the beginnings of the annual bullshit rumours around the level of player we are looking to attract in the summer window! None of us are privy to the potential extension of Slav’s contract or how that thinking is going but, with rumours flying around in connection with Mancini and a poor run of recent results one does begin to wonder.
Sullivan says a few things and if you have not yet had the chance to read that you can do so here: http://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2017/march/12-march/boardroom

For me, the bit that really crossed the line was this:

“We have conceded too many goals early in halves in recent games and, while we’ve managed to get ourselves back into games like the ones at Southampton and Watford and at home to West Bromwich Albion, there will be matches where we cannot equalise. That situation cannot go on.”

Are you in line for a West Ham season ticket?

West Ham have frozen season ticket prices for existing holders as long as they renew before May 31.

I got caught up in the hype of the move to the new stadium and paid to go on the waiting list last season.

I wasn’t successful, but it turns out I’m relieved that I failed to make the cut.

I’ve never held a season ticket. In the seasons when I was a regular at Upton Park I used to be able to pitch up at the turnstiles and clatter through, squeezing up, either with my dad or a friend so the guy could fiddle some cash for himself and a reduced price for the two of us.

For big matches you just made sure you arrived nice and early in order to get in.

When family and other commitments came along I knew I wouldn’t be able to go regularly and, frankly, there hasn’t been a period in our more recent history when I would have wanted to have had a trip to the ground on alternate Saturdays.

Does that make me a bad fan? No, course not.

Just as apathy towards the generous offers being dangled in front of me by Lady Brady at the moment doesn’t make me a bad fan.

The club must have made half a million pounds or more, probably, from mugs like me who paid to go on the waiting list for season tickets to the new stadium and then didn’t get them.