Meet The C&B Team


My name’s Matt, I’m 41 years old and have supported the mighty Hammers for around 37 years! I live in Kent with my beautiful wife, 4 amazing children, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and a turtle! 🙂

My uncle played for West Ham United and I blame him for my intense obsession with the club. I won’t say who it is but if you want to know, just ask!

I’ve been a Season Ticket holder at Upton Park on and off for many years but various factors have prevented my from obtaining one this season, however that hasn’t prevented me from seeing every minute of every game.



I’ve been supporting The Irons since 1975 when, as a 12 year old on my way to school I made an arbitrary decision to support them during the Alan Taylor cup run. Of course, in those days, I wasn’t even a Headmaster! In fact, come to think of it, I no longer am, although I do still hold a senior position in education. Guess it what I’ve always been known as on various forums though, so I’ll stick with it. Witnessing a Graham Paddon night time winner under the lights at the Boleyn in front of a passionate home crowd in August 1976 sealed the love affair and West Ham has been my mistress ever since.

40 years of more downs than ups hasn’t dampened the fires. In recent years, I have added my son to the list of indoctrinates and we both enjoyed (endured?) season tickets in the BMU for a decade. Time and commitments prevent me from holding one just now but, one day……..

I was a regular contributor to OLAS for a few years but these days I confine my musings to t’ internet and am proud to be associated with


Tall, dark and handsome – well one out of three ain’t too bad.

Lifelong hammer who, from aged eight until seventeen, lived ‘oop north’. Going to school 10 miles south of Manchester tested my mettle but I never swayed – even when my Dad bought me a Manchester City mug (think he was just trying to help me fit in). So a massive high point was May 10th 1980  when George Courtney blew the final whistle and Bonzo climbed the 39 steps to pick up the Cup for the 2nd time. Despite common belief West Ham, at the time, used to be a lot of people’s 2nd team – even in Macclesfield! That Cup win helped me hugely during dark times apart from making West Ham more popular amongst the kids at school.

Came to support the club due to all the family coming from Compton Avenue, Upton Park (Dad’s side) and St Olave’s Road, East Ham (Mum’s side).

Dad of two energetic, sport loving, boys and husband to a much shorter wife than I’d imagined marrying whist growing up I coach mini-soccer and captain a darts team where I live in High Wycombe, Bucks.

I work in technology sales to the electrical industry.

First game was Manchester City away 14th Jan1978 when my Dad took me for a birthday treat. We lost 3-2 but the score-line flatters what was a pretty dour game. Fave player is a close run thing between Alan Devonshire and Sir Trev with Devo just shading it by a whisker.

Loved the final season at the Boleyn Ground and live in hope that the club doesn’t lose it’s soul and become just another corporate money making machine.



I’m Graham ‘Graybo’ Harris and I’ve been a Hammers fan since just before the 1965 Cup-winners’ Cup triumph.

Had the privilege of seeing the great trio of Moore, Hurst and Peters in our colours at Upton Park, but my Boleyn Ground heyday was the Brooking, Devonshire, Bonds era. Loved those guys.

Hankering for the days when you could read a newspaper preview on a Saturday morning, be inspired by the thought of what was going to happen in the afternoon and then hop on a train to catch the match without having to cough up £45 to be a member to go in a ballot for tickets.

We are where we are, though, and my love for the team will never die.

I’m 59 but until very recently played six-a-side football weekly. I’m struggling to return after a hip injury, but I’m not yet ready to admit that my playing days are over. I’m hedging my bets, though, and have taken up golf.

Highlight of my playing career has been playing in Europe. Not the Champions League, sadly, but just as exciting for me. Since 2004 my team-mates and I have been regular visitors to Tirana in Albania for matches with Udha E Shpreses, so seeing our friends’ national team make it to Euro 16 was a joy.