West Ham start at Old Trafford

West Ham United kick off the new season at Old Trafford in the first weekend of fixtures, and then will be on the road again as work continues to convert the London Stadium back to a football ground after the world athletics.

A home game against Southampton is listed for Saturday August 19 but that will be rescheduled.

We’re off to Newcastle on August 26.

Fancy a Boxing Day road trip? Bournemouth away.

April looks like providing a tough run-in, with fixtures agains Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City.

There are no easy matches in the Premier League, of course, but September sees opportunities to lay firm foundations for a solid season, with matches against Huddersfield, West Bromwich Albion, Tottenham Hotspur and Swansea City. 

January looks like another crucial phase, with matches against West Bromwich Albion, Huddersfield Town, AFC Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.

The season concludes with what could be a Premier League title-decider at home to Everton on Sunday, May 13. OK, so maybe only part of that statement is true.

Full provisional fixtures listed here

West Ham 2016-17

The start of West Ham’s 2016/17 campaign

  • Goatygav

    Could’ve been worse. Although not the ideal first game let’s hope we can put some points on the board by the end of September.


  • AdeludedCoker

    Very astute judgement of our September opponents.

  • Philtheiron

    Ok, so it’s the mancs away.

    against a team that has been strengthened by £millions!

    So what?! There’s no easy games in the EPL anymore.

    Nearly every team is now packed with £10million+ players thanks to sky’s silver.

    As long as the standard of officiating has improved and is consistent for eac side, then we will be fine.

    Fine that is if we bother to turn up ourselves and fine as long as winston doesn’t get pollaxed by a city elbow (and no red card) and the likes of Costa get sent off for a second yellow before they score the winning goal!

    Mind due if we don’t get our recruitment right this time and start the season like we mean it,

    Then all the afore mentioned points will be meaningless!

    • Headmaster1

      Spot on in terms of the Need to recruit quality or we will struggle. As usual with this board I get absolutely no sense of urgency or genuine intent, just the usual irks lined up to tell us that their sources say we’re in for this, in for that. Wake me up in August!

      • Guesty

        lol it’s June Head! I hear your frustration but when you wake in August I sincerely hope I’m saying I told you it would be good lol. We want a Payet and Antonio window as opposed to a Zaza/Tore window clearly. Here’s hoping.

      • Goatygav

        In all fairness I’m happy with the radio silence from the board HM. I complain that they show their hand too often in transfer windows and ‘Media Whore’ but this window they’re been refreshingly quiet. Long may it continue IMHO – let their signings do the actual talking for a change.

        • Philtheiron

          Hi mate,
          Perception is a funny old thing when you think about it.

          For this season the board/owners/club are saying very little in terms of transfers and yet it is widely perceived we are already having a much better transfer window.

          Now all we need to do is backup these new found perceptions with some quality signings.

      • Philtheiron

        If I’m honest this isn’t my favourite time of year either.
        As I find myself battling between wanting to tear the net apart in response to idiotic brain dead Morons fancifully linking this player and that player to us
        While all the time knowing full well it simply isn’t true

        While trying desperately not to rise to this click bait knowing to do so only makes it worse!

        But at least after last summer when I must admit I found it a little hard not to get carried away/along with the tide of emotions after our last season at the Boleyn.

        I am now able to just delete the vast majority of the nonsense already being linked with the club.

  • Guesty

    Manchester United away the opening fixture. There’s an inevitability about it isn’t there? We are West Ham. To be followed by Chelsea away in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and Man City away in the earliest round that the elite join in the CocaColaCarling Cup. Luckily I’m sat with a cold drink in the blazing sun otherwise I’d have the right hump. COYIs.

  • razorwine1

    More worried about statements of us buying early in market this time which so far the window has got us Zab. Good signing mind free of course. Now with sully pockets full of cash once again from premier millions season tickets and selling off and releasing players we’re hearing kelech and Mitch both attainable if money is right giroud who has no pace now favoured and nearly next signing a guy with blistering pace who doesn’t score goals no end product and fans of villa telling me the geezer is complete crap! So sounds like many seasons of past if true? I think what happens is slav gives sully the list of his wishes along with sully list and obviously sully list due to Slavs is not just cheaper but more of a gamble on sell on prices if they perform well. Fans crave for kelech and Mitch but not much cash back so we go down to cheaper and possible good sell on prices if they work out. So traore and one proven player show no pace is the best option for our own levy at the helm I guess? Same old story eh if true? Coyi

    • razorwine1

      Thank God total useless player gives Josh a bench place now

  • razorwine1

    Glad that were getting rid of our operated players who can’t hack the premier and looking forward to getting in some quality and some of our youngsters coming through