West Ham on the rich list – boding well for the future?

claret and blues west ham gavSix of the top ten EPL teams in the rich list. The Sky deal is really having an effect on the Premier League. Thing that surprised me was seeing West Ham in 15th. I guess it’s down to how the books are run but the real question for us fans is how the rise in stature will affect the future on the pitch. Could this be an indicator that we’re heading in the right direction and will be regularly snapping at the heels of the top 6 in seasons to come? Clearly it’s going to be down to recruitment however we all know the trend that has become the rule. Richer clubs become the ones who challenge. Definitely one for discussion: –

  • 1. Manchester United $3.69bn (£2.86bn)
  • 2. Barcelona $3.64bn (£2.82bn)
  • 3. Real Madrid $3.58bn (£2.77bn)
  • 4. Bayern Munich $2.71bn (£2.1bn)
  • 5. Manchester City $2.08bn (£1.61bn)
  • 6. Arsenal $1.93bn (£1.5bn)
  • 7. Chelsea $1.85bn (£1.43bn)
  • 8. Liverpool $1.49bn (£1.15bn)
  • 9. Juventus $1.26bn (£976m)
  • 10. Tottenham $1.06bn (£821m)
  • 11. Paris St-Germain $841m (£652m)
  • 12. Borussia Dortmund $808m (£626m)
  • 13. AC Milan $802m (£621m)
  • 14. Atletico Madrid $732m (£567m)
  • 15. West Ham $634m (£491m)
  • 16. Schalke 04 $629m (£487m)
  • 17. Roma $569m (£441m)
  • 18. Inter Milan $537m (£416m)
  • 19. Leicester City $413m (£320m)
  • 20. Napoli $379m (£294m)
 (source – BBC UK website)
  • Nick

    Definitely good to be high up on that list, a lot is going to depend on how well we use that money I would imagine, if we can as reported sign 2 or 3 high quality players each window we will probably rise higher on it at least that is what I would hope 🙂

  • Guesty

    Of course being 15th and hopefully climbing this list is good for our club. It is no coincidence that the 6 English clubs ahead of us regulary finish ahead of us and so we need to close that gap further. It’s a big gap tho lets face it. Nick below is right we need to get smart in how we spend our money. Spurs are playing away every match next season and away fans will be well up for a trip to Wembley. They will also have a £800M loan to pay of over the next 10 years. I fancy us to close the gap on them. Like I said on the last thread to climb this list we need CL football. If we compete with the top 6 then it is achievable.

  • Philtheiron

    Well, well, who’d have thought it? Little ol West Ham on the footballs rich list! 😃👏

    And to think just a painfully short time ago we were teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and possible extinction.
    That we have looked over the abyss and have recovered to such an extent that we are now listed in footballs financial elite list is imho truely remarkable.

    However, looking at the list it is quite frightening to see our worth compared to that of the current top six in the EPL clubs.

    We are still miles behind them financially with some of their net worth being quite staggering.

    So any expectations we may have in the next couple of seasons have to be tempered with the fact that we cannot hope to compete with the top six anytime soon and that the gap will only get bigger as they compete with europes elite and we struggle to qualify for Europe.

    Finally, it would be very interesting to know just how much our increase in financial wealth can be attributed to the move to the London stadium.

    If so, it would appear to back the move to the london stadium and the theory behind it.

    • Guesty

      Ummmmmm yes but you say that Phil but Manure are top by a country mile but finished 6th this year and have not played in the CL in 3 years, we finished above Chelski and Liverpool who are 3 times our size last season. Leicester won the premiership last season and are 15th (were probably 115th a year ago!) then you have Mancity and Arsenal who are half the size of Manure but finished above them. Spuds are 10th in the list but over 2 seasons would top the combined premiership.

      What I’m saying I think is it’s important to be in this group consistently as I expect we can make a strike for that top 4 if we continue up the list. If we do that then we grow and we compete at the top table. That I would suggest is the owners plan. The plan does of course depend on the owners spending and spending well.

      • Philtheiron

        I hear what you are saying mate.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think with quality signings (batshuayi and iheanacho hopefully!), there will be no reason why we can’t be up there challenging for Europe.

        However, I believe that we should be more cautious in some of our more fanciful expectations.

        Last season was imho a huge blip and highly unlikely to happen again.

        Man U have been in the duldrums for the last couple of seasons, yet with the improvement under Jose they are back at the top of the rich list again.

        Now I’m not saying it will be impossible to break into the top six but that with the financially wealthy clubs already enjoying a huge financial advantage they will be flexing those muscles to ensure the status quo remains.

    • Razorwine123

      The fans that continually think sully and co saved our club live iin la la land mate. Not only did sully and co buy half the club only theyy got the cheapest deal going for the other half paying over a period of years. Clever at business yes thats why they are billionare and millionare. There were many others interested and put in bids for our club which would have been ok for some not all the bidders but we certainly wouldnt have gone into bankruptcy. Manure are hugely in debt as a club only there off field activities in promoting and selling mechandise abroad putting them in a top spot with barca real with the dreadful glaziers laughing thier heads off with no personal debt to pay. London stadium was a great piece of business for our owners certainly adds to the clubs wealth and thier selling attraction when they leave. Eventuallý the stadia will belong to west ham as certainly the athletics wont be held there and move and the stadium will be revamped for football only its the only future for the stadium sensibly for all involved imo. Hoping now the owners sully and co keeping so muchquieter than usual works much better and we get all our targets and sell the ones not needed. Coyi

      • Philtheiron

        Hi mate,
        As for DS and DG saving/being the saviours of the club, I believe them to be two entirely different matters.

        For whoever was lucky enough to have the winning bid for the club would have effectively secured its future.

        At least for the short term anyway. As if the efforts of Tony Fernandez at qpr are anything to go by, new owners did not necessarily secure our future in the long run.

        I also agree that our owners are very astute businessmen and by and large have been a very positive influence on the club.

        However, it remains to be seen whether or not they can generate the kind of finance needed to sustain a challenge at the top level.

        Thankfully I believe it is only Because Man U are such a huge brand name that they are able to survive the vile asset stripping glaziers and that this model thankfully wouldn’t be sustainable anywhere else.

        I believe that the current arrangement between owners and tenants at the London stadium is unsustainable.

        With the “retractable” seating problem never going to be satisfactorily solved without massive further investment.
        And with the current financial hoo-ha surrounding the LS (mostly media driven), that investment isn’t happening anytime soon.

        Also having to spend £8million each time to change the stadiums use is unsustainable even in the short term and negates any potential profit made of its use in non football mode.

        I believe patience is required in this matter as it will only be a matter of time like you have said, before we will be able to purchase the stadium outright.

        Finally, I have found it very refreshing not to say interesting that we have chosen to conduct our business in private this year.

        For not only is it the right approach, not to mention the most dignified manner in which to conduct business,

        But it also makes it so much easier to be able to see through the medias more fanciful transfer “exclusives!”

        And as such I am more confident about this transfer window than I might have otherwise been.


  • Academy of Football

    That does surprise me, hopefully if we can stop spending 10 million on painfully average players like Snodgrass we can make that money work.

    Papers are having a frenzy at the moment, we are linked with everyone. At least I’m not reading statements from the chairmen about signing superstars, it’s so far under the radar at last. Glorify it once we sign someone.

  • Philtheiron

    Well done to the England U20’s on the unbelievable achievement of winning the World Cup!

    Along With the recent success of our U17’s on the world stage,

    hopefully it is a sign that the penny has finally dropped and that all the hard work being put in at ST George’s park is finally bearing fruit.

    Well done to all concerned! 👏👍

    • Goatygav

      Great stuff. Winning player of the tournament and goalkeeper of the tournament to boot. Superb achievement. Now if they can just do what the Spanish and Germans manage to do and bring them all through to the full national squad together (or at least most of them). We’ve got the manager that, supposedly, believes in this philosophy so let’s hope he practices what he has preached and we have a team that has plenty of tournament experience together playing together in the same squad.


      • Philtheiron

        Hi mate,
        I couldn’t agree more! At last we have a fantastic opportunity to really set out our blueprint for the future.

        I just pray we don’t squander it!

  • Razorwine123

    Ok also great for our youngsters winning world cup and as phil says lets hope this follows through to senior level later. As for gavs suggestion of the spanish going forwards that would also be very nice not sure about the germans although a lucky side and full of belief they never do much for me in world cups much prefer the technical football of spanish brazil and Argentina football even the french in full flow. Watching the best in spain although our premier league is supposedly the best in the world now i still think only the money will eventually make the premier the reason for top players to choose uk. With us now being connected to all players at present its really refreshing to hear the silence coming out from our board this transfer period and hopefully slav gets in the ones he wants and sully doesnt miss out due to trying to sqeeze the best money deal. Certainly hope giroud probably just as slow as carrol will hold up our pacy front line which we need although not as injury prone but certainly hope his not on our target list. Great seeing nord wanted so please sell slav and get some cash towards a decent player to come in. So we all wait now for at least four or five top players to come in and probably three going out at least. Coyi

    • Goatygav

      Let’s face it, Raze, World Cups are all about results. If you’re unconvinced about Germany then let’s have a look at the last few World Cups: –

      2014 Winners
      2010 Third
      2006 Third
      2002 Runners-up
      1998 QF
      1994 QF
      1990 Winners
      1986 Runners-up
      1982 Runners-up

      Mate – you’ve got to go back 19 years since they last failed to get to the Semi-Final. If that’s not convincing you about how you should bring through kids with tournament experience to the full squad then I’ve no idea what will. They’re practically the model for it. It’s the fact that these kids all come through together, playing in the same team as their team-mates for a number of years and getting tournament experience together that’s giving them success. They went about changing their system after ’94 to focus on youth coming through btw!

      Sorry but luck doesn’t explain their success to me buddy.

      • Razorwine123

        I thimk i was making my point badly as usual gav son! The germans have always been efficent and play well as a team with strength but as for technical ability nah as for entertainment nah. Its like snooker steve davies top player hendry also but bore the pants off you playing like a machine. Won so much like those germany teams but for entertainment and not won much higgins and white floor them every time. We had George best name a german who comes anywhere near that out your seat football only the spanish italian and south american players have that flair especially the best ever player messi. Maybe pele came close to that majician and who were the best team in last world cup certainly not the winners with their team playing style. Anyway if results are the be all then we shouldnt be supporting west ham over the years and for me we didnt get called the acadamy for nothing under allison lyall greenwood and won not so much barring cup wins oh and a world cup with our players. But entertaining eh! Imo