Rob Green – the uncertainty goes on…….

England leaves for Euro 2012 next week and, as part of the 25 man squad, so does Rob Green.

But what of his club future? We have learned that apparently contract negotiations have stalled, or they are in full swing. Take your pick from those two. Reports vary but, reading between the lines, Green has been on wages of circa £40,000 a week and is asking for a 25% rise to move him into the £50,000 bracket. If that is true, it doesn’t sound excessive particularly in the context of recent seasons at the Irons and the alleged wages of players like Parker, Bridge, Dyer and a whole host more.

Now, I understand that we have entered a whole new era and maybe this is the club, bankrolled by its owners and still debt-ridden, that is laying down a marker for the future. If so, then that has to be respected. The question would still remain, who else do we get in to replace Green and at what cost? Presumably the recently acquired (on loan) Stephen Henderson is not the answer.

Or, is there more to it? Does Allardyce actually not rate Mr Green? Possible, I guess. I am not sure that Green is the kind of big, powerful, commanding ‘keeper Allardyce really craves. He has notorious fallibility in terms of commanding his area, is susceptible to high balls into the box although is undeniably a good shot-stopper.

So, where do our readers stand? I’m happy to let the management do what they feel is right on this one. My only reservation is the uncertainty that so horribly characterises this time of year. The revolving door, the spin of football agents, the titillation of the press, the Twitter and fans forums rumour mill; some people love it. Me? I can’t stand it!

  • Dylan

    Keep Green. He is quality. No one else out there who is available and better

  • Chubcathcer

    Henderson is not on load he has signed a contract BTW. I like Greeno but lets be honest he is nothing special. I don’t think he is a hold on at all costs type of player. I hope he stays though.

  • John J

     would be sad to see him go. If possible, we should keep Robert Green. 

  • Justin O_s

    Happy if he stays no tears if he goes. He will not be as big a loss as Parker was and we replaced him


    No matter what anyone says the fact is that he won us/saved us many points last season in particular, and he also got my vote as player of the season so I want him to stay!

    • ClaretNBlues

      He did indeed save us a good few games Bomad, I can’t argue with that. I wouldn’t say he was my player of the season but possibly a third! 

      That said, there is no point trying to retain the services of a player that just doesn’t want to play for the club any more. If that’s the case, it’s fruitless mate

  • ClaretNBlues

    A friend of mine (more of an acquaintance really) ran in to Mr Green at the training ground shortly after David Gold had tweeted about Rob’s not signing a new deal. She asked him why he hadn’t signed and his response was ‘because I haven’t been offered anything’ – who to believe?

    Personally, I like Green, he has been pretty decent for us over the past few seasons, one game was the 3-2 (I think) win against Arsenal, he pretty much filled the goal that night.
    However, that said, he’s not without his problems, but then again most keepers aren’t! If he goes, he goes. He will just have to be replaced. 
    From what I have seen of Henderson, he seems a solid replacement. BUT…he’s not on loan any more HM, he signed a permanent deal a couple of weeks back.

    I wish Green all the best wherever he ends up, but if it happens to be at another club, then he will simply become an ex Hammer who now plays for another club, just like Parker etc…


    • Headmaster

      Thanks to you and Clubcathcer for the update on the Henderson status. I must admit that one had passed me by. 
      Later Gold tweets expressed optimism about Green re-signing. Mind you, with the season ticket sales agenda in full steam ahead mode, a cynic might argue ‘well they would say that wouldn’t they?’.
      The Arsenal game eh? Yes, Green’s finest hour inbetween the sticks for me. And whilst I can see Bomad’s point, I am sure we could all think of games where he’s made costly errors. I guess that’s the nature of being a ‘keeper though. There aren’t too many better around – and certainly not on a free and at around £50,000 a week.

      • ClaretNBlues

        I can think of one out and out better keeper and that would be Hart! I can think of a few around the same level as Green – Given, Possibly Gordon etc…

        I have to admit though, I turned to the guy next to me at the Hull game and said ‘look at Green, he just doesn’t want to be here’ – he just had his head lowered and didn’t seem interested in what was going on whenever he wasn’t involved in the game. Whether that has changed now that we are back in the Prem? Remains to be seen I guess.

        I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I quite liked Almunia when he stepped in for Green. I know he had a dodgy first game against Palace but the next 2 were clean sheets and he seemed to build confidence and the minutes ticked by.
        Like I said though, I know a lot of people will disagree with that, just an observation really.


    I think his loyalty deserves it to be honest i was pleased for him getting a game for England the other night but then if he does go he can be replaced with Robinson and Henderson battling for the jersey. Lets not forget Henderson is an irish international who was exceptional for pompey last season so he is no mug but working with Green or Robinson will only make him a better player. In big Sam we trust what ever happens COYI ‘><'

  • Macdonaldk1

    craig gordon would be a great signing, if he stayed fit…

  • Goatygav

    Definitely not unreasonable. Frankly £60K wouldn’t be too much to ask IMO.

    I’ve said it before but ‘Greeno’ has been worth 20 odd points a season. He practically kept us up single handedly (although he did use both hands quite a few times) three seasons ago. We’re going to need him more than ever next term. There’s no signing fee to fork out.

    I’m sensing a difference of opinion between David Gold and David Sullivan on this. Having heard both of them interviewed over the last 2-3 weeks it appears to me that David Gold is prepared to negotiate but David Sullivan is playing hard-ball by emphasising that there are other options for West Ham in terms of signings for between the sticks. My personal opinion is that if it is DS’ strategy then it’s a mistake.

  • Tom

    I am a big fan of Rob Green’s, however, there are two or three keepers out there this summer just as good and maybe cheaper, Robinson is steady, i like Almunia, he is suspect to a gaff now and then but so is Greeno, there is also Jaskalinen at Bolton although he was dropped he is one of BFS’s own …

    I think the biggest deciding factor will actually be who want Rob Green and will he get first team football ? …

  • Denman1910

    I agree HM there is uncertainty everywhere at this time. I think maybe Green isn’t Allardyces cup of tea. There will be good keepers out there and if anyone knows that Allardyce does.
    A point I would like to make is that next season I would like to see the sterile passionless dour they only come to criticise first two rows of the Bobby Moore upper you know who you are supporters get behind the team they so call support. Yes we know we are not going to win every game we may at times even struggle but we need to get behind the lads.
    I don’t want to hear negativity, Sam has got us up we are back in the premier league embrace it live it and go with it not against it, if you do don’t ever moan if we go back down.
    Being at Wembley showed me that as a collective positive unit us Hammers are formidable and we can drive our team on, so continue it do it this coming premier league campaign COYI

    • Headmaster

      Nice to have you back, Eastendrokeby boy / @sbrpete:disqus  / Denman1910 / Peter! 
      I feel a gues post coming on along the positivity, motivational lines. Any chance mate?

  • HammerRay

    I’d like Greeno to stay, if he’s committed to the club 100%. If he’s having doubts, best he leaves. Overall, he’s been a great servant for us, and he’s made far more top saves, than he’s made errors. I think he’s one of the better shot stoppers in the prem, so we should do what we can to keep him for good. However, if he goes, I have been advised that Henderson isn’t too shabby himself, and a very decent acquisition.
    I agree with you HM about your dislike of the rumours/ rubbish that this quiet period throws up, which is why my contributions are less, as there’s little to talk about, until something really happens. I’ll pop in every now and then though, I promise!