Congolese Scrabble

So Herita Ilunga has left the club.

And with him our link to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Not to be confused with the neighbouring Republic of the Congo. It`s an easy mistake to make.

Ilunga played 73 times for the club. And its fair to say that the earlier appearances were a little easier on the eye than the later offerings. Personally i liked the fella. Then again I had time for `Chicken George` and dare I say it – Andy Impey.

So what will we remember of Mr Ilunga?

The fact that his surname would attract seven points in a game of Scrabble? (interestingly his christian name attracts nine points even with a `t`, though the surname is helped with a four point input from the letter `h`). Perhaps not.

The fact that he was the first Congolese player to have worn the claret and blue? Having had players from Senegal, Hong Kong & Dundee this didn`t impress.

The fella`s age? Officially he was born on 10/05/77 thus making him 34. However rumours suggested that there may have been another 10 years to be added to that figure and recent performances would not have done much to quash the rumours.

All in all he was a decent player who promised much when he arrived at the club but who didn’t reach the high`s we expected of him, and I would suggest that in years to come he will be a player remembered only when tagged onto a Twitter Follow-Friday reply.

So farewell llunga. In your absence I shall raise a toast to you and DR Congo (that’s 13 points in a game of Scrabble if your interested).

  • Headmaster

    Says something about the player when all he’ll really be remembered for is his score in a scrabble game! Like so many who come to the Irons and appear to promise much, he flattered to deceive. A change of management hasn’t really altered that when you come to think about it. Much was made of Taylor, of Nolan, even of Carew when we signed them. Baldock has lost confidence and form. How many of us really believe that Vaz te, Morrison, Maynard will fulfil their promise? If they do, they’ll break the mould.

  • Eastendrokebyboy

    Oh dear oh dear ilunga liunga the Congolese warrior another little known fact apparently is that Congolese men on average have bigger dicks than any other nationality some bloke I work with told me that yeah weird whatever but it might give you an insight into why nearly every winger that played against illunga went past him with ease and he always looked knackered probably because he was carrying around with him a babies arm holding a jaffa orange the fella
    Coupled with him being crap and possibly 44 he had no chance
    Although his wife was easy to spot in the car park she walked like john Wayne with a permanent grin that was the legend that was illunga