Kevin Nolan; the conundrum!

Ok, so I guess we now have a conundrum in the shape and form of Kevin Nolan!

There is no doubt that Kevin has been a great servant to the club and he has arguably¬†been the best captain we have had for a long time. With exception of maybe Lucas Niell. I don’t even want to nearly compare him to Matthew Upson!

When Kevin joined us in 2011 we were in the Championship and indeed needed a player of his quality and standing and with 31 goals to his name he has definitely lived up to his, sometimes way too demanding reputation. However as the years have ticked by it has become increasingly obvious that we are outgrowing him.

Don’t get me wrong. his constant selection last season was frustrating but it really wasn’t his fault. He had a manager who was (for want of a better word) obsessed with playing him. What was he suppose to do when he was selected, say ‘no you’re alright boss, I’ll sit this one out’?? No one can blame him for being selected for games and to be honest the abuse he received on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook was disgusting!

There is absolutely no doubt at all that Kevin is a great player and a very good captain. I just can’t help but think that Premiership football has escaped him and maybe he would be much better suited to an enthusiastic Championship club, much as we were when he joined us 4 years ago.

West Ham 3, Some pub side from a foreign place 0

Disrespectful? What, US? Nah.

Didn’t see a kick of it myself as I was busy on a bit of community work in Hackney, of all places.

Passed the OS on the way and cast a longing glance.

I gather it took a while to score but at the end of the day we got the job done. Pre-season game 1 results in a win.

All good? Or not? Were we expecting a hat-ful? Does anyone care at this stage? Anyone actually want to be in this competition proper once it gets past the prelims? I most definitely still do not, believing it will put an unsustainable drain on our squad and will undoubtedly impact negatively on our EPL standings. That said, I’m more keen on it with team Slav at the helm, since it may well accentuate his and our reputation around Europe and bode well for future signings.

Anyway, thoughts on Thursday are welcome.


Gold is upbeat and Talking Sport

We are indebted to our own Gavin Thurston (GoatyGav) for taking the time out to pr√©cis the interview David Gold gave this morning to the Alan Brazil Show. Now that we are post all of the ‘I think West Ham are treating Sam very unfairly’ routine, it is good that Brazil was able to host Mr Gold and even better that the co-Chairman sounded so confident that the club is headed in the right direction. For the first time in years, you know what, I agree with him!

Goaty’s abbreviated transcript captures the main points as follows: