And now for something completely different…….some good news at West Ham?

Even by our own recent fairly dismal standards, the past week or two have been bleaker than Bleak John McBleak from Bleaksville. Defeats to two enthusiastic but technically inferior New Zealand sides seemed to trigger gloom and doom on the social media sites as well as the public comments by Sullivan that drove an apparent chasm between the manager and the board. This led to speculation, for the umpteenth time, that Allardyce was about to be sacked and many of the bookies stopped taking bets on the subject. My argument was that this was unsettling and destabilising, far from ideal preparation for the rigours of a competitive season. The farce took a different twist at the beginning of this week with Allardyce declaring that all is well, that he sees eye to eye with Sullivan and Gold and even backtracking on his obvious disregard for Ravel Morrison by re-opening the door to the boy’s career. This morning the farce turned to tragedy with the news that RM has been remanded in custody until August 7th following the allegations of physical assault, now apparently ABH, against an ex-girlfriend and her mother.

So, the news tonight that we have secured a season long loan deal for Carl Jenkinson, a 22 year old right back from Arsenal who has already played 37 times for Arsenal in the premier league, has made Champions’ League appearances and has been capped by his country too, has to be a massive fillip and a lift to the spirits of the squad which must have begun to wonder what they would wake up to next.

Ravel Morrison pushes self-destruct?

Not good news this morning. Ravel has been arrested and subsequently charged with assaulting two women, aged 19 and 39 (mother and daughter, perhaps?) outside a Manchester bar in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At the moment, we don’t know the details and when you consider that the term assault can cover everything from a gentle hand on a shoulder to push away unwanted attention through to full-scale ABH and violence with intent to harm, it is surely best that we see what transpires.

That said, a couple of immediate questions that spring to mind are;

  1. Whilst recovering from an injury and having been granted a lifeline by Allardyce just yesterday, is Morrision wise to be frequenting late night clubs just 3 weeks before the start of the premier league season?
  2. Depending upon the severity and the context of the incident, will Ravel still feature as a part of the long term strategy at the football club? Or will the board take the view that he is an accident waiting to happen?

Whichever way you look at it, not the best start to a Thursday we’ve ever had!

Thick skinned Allardyce keeps on playing the game

It appears that despite losing the confidence of great swathes of the supporters and at least some at boardroom level, however much Allardyce is publicly undermined, he is going nowhere by his own volition. Nope, what is becoming increasingly clear is that Allardyce is highly unlikely to walk, whilst Gold and Sullivan are highly unlikely to sack him.

This morning, we had the almost cringeworthy interview on TalkSport which revealed that Allardyce is as bullish as ever, even if he did sound as though he just spent the night on the tiles. Anyway, in amongst the non-inspirational drone that emanated from Allardyce’s larynx, I think the salient points of this 11 minute interview, conducted by the sycophantic Alan Brazil, can be summed up as follows:

  1. Apparently we are an attacking side and it’s just our ‘conversion rate’ that has been poor. Any statement to the contrary is simply a ‘misconception’. Well, that’s put me in my place.
  2. There is no problem with the Chairmen and the relationship between them and the manager. Phew, that’s cleared that one up then! Anyone would have thought that there were a few issues around.
  3. It’s an easy pre-season for us in comparison with all of the big clubs because we have had very few involved with the world cup. Most Un-Allardyce like this one, he has let his guard slip here! Basically, if we don’t pick up many points in the first few games this statement might come back to bite him on the you know where!