Search for West Ham goalkeeper footage unearths this gem

Hunting for some footage of West Ham goalkeeper Bobby Ferguson purely because he was the first No. 1 I had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh (more of that below) and I came across this footage.

It’s the 1972 FA Cup replay against Hereford United and I’d never seen this particular report before.

It’s filmed from the Hereford angle, with footage around the town, part-time players having to secure time off work, and the British Rail specials (six trains) bringing fans to Paddington.

But once they arrive at Upton Park it’s a wonderful trip back in time, with the commentator mentioning the formidable West Ham forward line of Best, Hurst and Robson ‘costing half a million pounds.’ Heh-heh.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the clip, then carry on reading, below.

I’m going to go into Goatygav Bullets mode now …

  • Do you remember why this was played midweek in daylight (not under floodlights)
  • Who remembers singing ‘We’ve got ’Arry ’Arry ’Arry Redknapp on the wing, on the wing’?
  • The sound effects were strange, obviously added afterwards
  • Great to see the sandwich-makers hard at work on the train, and what about all that ale?
  • Poor old Bobby with muddy shorts – and a rip in them! He wouldn’t have been happy about that
  • Silky skills of Sir Trevor on that mudbath of a pitch. I can remember the sound the ball used to make as it plopped onto the interesting combination of mud and sand

How West Ham can get Michail Antonio back on track

You enjoyed Michail Antonio’s Valentine’s Day video, no doubt. In case you missed his Umbro ad, featuring a neat orange tie, some of his famous goal celebrations and a lovely pair of … football boots, here it is.

But do you think West Ham are seeing his best form, and is his role up front proving as disastrous as his spell at right back?

West Ham will only get the best from him when he’s playing in front of the right-back (when we are able to play one), helping to make the midfield more solid and storming through to support the strikers (again, when we are able to play one) from deeper positions – arriving late on the scene and making it harder for defenders to pick him up.

Up front he looks lost and without a clearly defined role. He’s at his best with the ball at his feet and when running at defenders, or storming on after a through ball – not when he’s already the furthest player forward.

I love him for his wholehearted effort and he’s a genuine player, but I fear a loss of form through no fault of his own.

Sofiane Feghouli’s disallowed goal at home to West Bromwich Albion was due to Antonio’s positioning and interference with Ben Foster, and he came perilously close to having Feghouli’s legitimate goal being disallowed due to his close proximity to the action in an offside position.

Brave Bilic gets stung at the last


I was not confident before this match. I always hate playing sides like West Bromwich Albion, and managed byTony Pulis the prospect is even less attractive, since regular readers will now my detestation for agricultural and pragmatic football. Furthermore, the pre-match team news confirmed the absence of Carroll. I won’t say “I told you so” but I told you so. This is the problem with this player and our reliance on him; he is far too prone to injury and was always going to break down sooner rather than later.

Looking at our line-up before the match, the midfield looked solid but it was up front that the question marks remained and I have to confess I anticipated a match with very few goals. Under 2.5 looked a good bet. Right, well don’t be asking me for any betting tips anytime soon!