Allardyce has gone! But should he have stayed?

Ok, the title was a little misleading, sorry! I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Of course he should have gone and you won’t find many more advocates of that sentiment than here at C&B.

The reason I asked the question is because I have been wondering if Mr Allardyce would have in fact been let go if it wasn’t for Twitter, Facebook and the various other social network sites?

I mean I didn’t really see much protest at the games other than the odd “Sam Out” banner here and there and the occasional idiot thug harassing David Sullivan in a car park. If David Gold and Jack Sullivan didn’t have such a prolific presence on Twitter maybe there might have been more banners and more of a protest at the games because what I did see was a massive uprising which called for his sacking or resignation on pretty much a daily basis for the past year or so.

It begs the question, did G&S let Allardyce walk because of fan pressure or did they genuinely think it was the right time to let him go based on other factors?

Anyway, what do you all think? Do you think Sam Allardyce would still be in charge of West Ham United if there was no such thing as Twitter and Facebook? I kinda think he might be.



No news is good news?

The footballing world is in a state of flux in more ways than one just now!

On the club front, the runners and riders in terms of the potential replacement for Allardyce are fairly well documented. The usual suspects are all queueing up to put a particular angle in favour of the candidate they perceive to be moving up the pecking order. Frankly, I’m not sure anyone has a clue and that, I would contend, is a good thing and far healthier than in previous years when the public proclamations of our owners and Madam 2Rs have done irreparable damage to promising positions and put potential recruits off.

Bookmakers are usually fairly accurate. They have Billic as the favourite at the moment, and although he has drifted out a little in the past 24 hours if you asked me to nail my colours to any particular mast, this would be it.

Other possibilities, although I believe these to be unlikely, are still ranked in the top 4 and include Moyes, Emery and Di Matteo. Surely Benitez is now off limits totally, with the Real Madrid interest.

Time will tell. So long as Messrs Pullis and McClaren stay well away from the frame, I’m happy.

The press are doing their usual stuff in terms of player rumours.Of note and worthy of comment this morning? Andy Carroll is reported by some as wanting a move away. Personally I’d shed few tears if that came to pass.I think that the managerial appointment and the preferred style of play might actually determine his future in any event.

The Europa Conundrum

I have already made my views clear on the Europa League and West Ham’s involvement in it at this particular time and others have countered with their arguments. The context is now radically altered though, as I would have thought everyone can agree.

We sit at a crossroads of immense importance to the club, a year ahead of its move to the Olympic Stadium. Every effort is currently going on behind the scenes to attract the right calibre of manager, of that I am sure but the reality is that, as we stand today, we are manager-less, have a dire need to strip out a significant proportion of the playing staff which has already struggled in the second half of the premier league without any distractions of other competitions and we sit less than 6 weeks away from the opening forays in terms of the ‘European adventure’. Anyone who is not at least a little concerned is, to borrow a well worn cliché, deluded in my book!

I’m hearing a couple of things that seem to conflict and contradict each other.

  1. Our involvement in the Europa League is viewed as a fillip and an attractive prospect in terms of procuring the right calibre of manager.
  2. We are not to worry, in ‘the early rounds’ of the Europa, we’ll use the kids anyway.

Both arguments seem somewhat flawed to me.