Crystal Palace vs West Ham; the wait for our new style goes on

I’ve already predicted that this weekend’s encounter with The Eagles is set to be a dour and turgid affair and, in his pre-match press conference, Allardyce has more or less confirmed it.

The salient parts that lead me to reiterate that Allardyce is certainly not going to change for this match, or indeed change at all are clear for all to see. I’ve italicised my interpretation of some of his comments for you to discuss, agree, disagree or lambast me over!

There’s no search for any more strikers from our point of view. My problem and my difficulty is more at the other end.” (We’ve signed  couple of hopeful punts in terms of goals but, in any event, I am obsessed with not conceding so if we lose, I can now say I told you I was worried about the defence and we’re obviously struggling to score goals with Valencia and Sakho “not ready”).

“We’re looking at players who are able to play in that position (centre back) from throughout Europe.” (Screw the creative side of the game, it’s big defenders I’m interested in. Shut up shop, bully the opposition and nick one at the other end if we can)

 It was difficult to beat them (Crystal Palace) last year and it’ll be just as difficult with the players they’ve brought in.” (We are clearly going to struggle to score against Crystal Palace so we’ll just have to hope that they don’t realise how poor we are and go at us from the off but play cagily.)

West Ham vs Crystal Palace – the season’s first 6 pointer

Allardyce had to get off to a good start this season, without doubt. The clamour for his dismissal grew to a crescendo towards the end of last term and the summer seems to have done little to endear him into the hearts of those, myself included, who only wish for his exit.

Saturday, match day one, flattered to deceive. Yes, there were some encouraging performances from our newbies, particularly Kouyate and Cresswell,  and Downing carried his pre-season into competition and yes, Nobes did miss his first penalty in ages but ultimately we were left with the same image of Allardyce, whining on to the cameras about missed opportunities and how this has been our story for a while now. We know, Sam, we know. Some of us actually hold you largely culpable for this state of affairs.

Of course it helps if you buy an actual striker as opposed to starting a premier league game with players of the calibre of Carlton Cole and Vaz Te, or more to the point actually play one of the strikers you have. It also helps if, in the transfer market, you go after and secure an actual proper striker in his prime. (Anyone else over the moon that Peter The-Ladder Crouch allegedly turned us down?). Personally it pains me to see Demba Ba playing for Fernebache or Wilfred Bony playing for Swansea, let alone Lukaku playing for Everton. Is Valencia the answer? Personally I am doubtful but hoping to be proved wrong.

West Ham 0-1 Spurs! The start of a new era?

Having surrendered my season ticket, I wasn’t at the game today and quite frankly I’m glad I didn’t go. I managed to find a (pretty awful) stream though and one thing I did notice was that the players seem to putting in much more of an effort than they were during the pre-season games.

It’s quite apparent though, Allardyce hasn’t and will never change. In my opinion, Sam and his inability to adapt to games alongside his tactics and awful substitutions are the reason we lost today and not because of the players. Even Mr Nolan seemed to be trying to get in to the game. We created some excellent chance but unfortunately when you have Carlton Cole trying to convert those changes, it’s never going to end happy. But it’s okay because he’s loyal and a lovely bloke ;)

As I said, I wasn’t at the game and my stream was poor so I’d love to hear your side if you managed to attend?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

On a brighter note, the first results of the C&B’s prediction league are in and listed below. Congratulations to Academy of Football.

Academy of Football   5 points

Stelios J   3 points

Trevor Fear   3 points

FrankieMacsJockstrap   3 points

Safhammer   3 points

Headmaster   3 points

Harry (son of HM)   3 points

AdeludedCoker   3 points

GoatyGav   3 points