Who wants to join West Ham’s 100 per cent club?

Mark Noble – ‘We are still together’

Have you had your say yet, in the ‘What’s gone wrong at West Ham?’ debate?

Ex-players, broadcasters, reporters, bloggers and – in all likelihood a dog somewhere – have piped up, so let’s take it as a given that we’re in a mess.

You could suggest a hundred and one solutions and not cover a tenth of those on offer in print and on social media platforms. Your own responses to Headmaster’s post: ‘West Ham; When a blip becomes a crisis’ have shown the intensity of the debate, and it’s great that there are so many constructive comments coming the way of this site. It illustrates the depth of passion and the amount of thought that goes into analysing each game.

But how about focussing on just one suggestion to start with? Let’s call it the 100 per cent club, and ask each player to become a fully paid-up member.

I accept that sport is not a precise science. There is no way that a human being playing a sport can get everything right all of the time. No-one is ever going to play the perfect game.

But there are areas where you should be able to guarantee 100 per cent – especially when you are a highly paid professional.

  • Effort and Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Loyalty
  • Trust

Effort and commitment

West Ham; when a blip becomes a crisis

Once again I have the dubious pleasure of trying to put together some sort of a constructive response to the alleged entertainment on the show today at the Olympic stadium. Once again, we were pitiful. In fact, each successive performance – starting with Watford at home – has been even more of a horror show than the last. I can think of literally nothing good to say about today.

The main discussion points for me are as follows:

  1. Our full back situation is in crisis. The current permutations being experimented with by the manager are clearly not working and this needs attention urgently.
  2. Confidence is shattered. There is NO belief in this group of players and that blame has to lie at the manager’s door.
  3. The quality of our new forwards, indeed of just about all of the summer entrants, is plainly not up to the job. 
I believe that this situation is now a full blown crisis and that we are in serious trouble. Losing matches against sides that we would have expected to be at least competing with does not bode well given the quality of opposition yet to visit the Olympic stadium. And we’ve not just lost to them, we’ve been systematically annihilated. On the team bonding and ‘playing for the manager’ side Bilic has serious work to do this week. The collective malaise and the dejected body language of everyone, including the manager, was palpable today. Even our stars are not playing for each other, for the shirt, for the club or for their manager it seems to me.
I will not go quite as far as BOMAD, with whom I went today. He believes that we are already as good as relegated but anyone who doubts the seriousness of the current situation is in my view delusional.

West Ham v Southampton; a prematch prediction

This Sunday sees the Hammers play host to Southampton at the OS. The game is live on Sky Sports 1at 4pm should you be fortunate enough to have such a channel.

Having lost our 3 consecutive league games under Mr Bilic it really is time now for the team, including the manager to step up to the plate and make the OS the fortress we know it can be.

At this stage we have no line-up but if I was managing the team I wouldn’t be playing Ginge alongside Reid and I WOULD be giving players like Oxford a chance.

Our last 10 games against the Saints, dating back to October 2011 have seen us win 3, lose 3 and draw 4 and that’s exactly what I’m going for tomorrow, a draw!

2-2 for me.

What’s your prediction?