West Ham limp to a narrow victory against 10 man Burnley

Immediate thoughts on that performance?

  1. Burke has a lot to learn (although it IS good to see him played)
  2. Cresswell and Jenkinson showed once again their importance in terms of quality delivery from the flanks
  3. Valencia out wide? Nah, not for me.
  4. Kouyate is a decent acquisition.
  5. How Noble has just earned a new 5 year deal has to be one of the great mysteries of our time, along with how Carlton Cole is even allowed to grace the bench.
  6. Nolan is spent (I know that’s not news).
  7. Allardyce needs to buy the ref a pint. Penalty, yes. Red card? Not in a million years.
  8. Allardyce needs to buy the ref another pint. The tackle by Jenks on Ings in the 2nd half when the latter would have been clean through on goal actually should have been a red card. I suspect Mr Dyche will be saying as much.
  9. Adrian, once again, had a good game.
  10. Downing is another wasted out wide.

We failed to move the ball quickly and take advantage of 10 man Burnley and, in my view, got away with it today. They had several more than decent chances.

A pretty average performance, even if the possession stats were a tad higher than in recent weeks.

Next up? Some Northern Blokes…..

That headline was really just an excuse for posting this:

london prejudice map!


In truth, I have admired Burnley and their manager Sean Dyche from afar this season and I sort of hope that, against the odds, they somehow stay up.

Let’s face it, they could be facing more difficult opponents tomorrow, eh?

As far as the Irons are concerned, good to hear that we will all get to see young Reece Burke again tomorrow. Other than that? Not a lot that I can see to get too pumped up in anticipation over!

A whiff of ambition in the air? It’s what Sullivan didn’t say that interests me.

I noted the odd guffaw at the identity of the new shirt manufacturers and their associated 5 year deal in terms of sponsorship but, you know what, Umbro does have a certain standing to those of us from a bygone era and, in any event, a doubling of the current shirt deal, when coupled with the Betway money does at least represent a respectable £40m over the next 5 years which is hardly an amount to be sniffed at. So, for once, I’ll give 2Rs no grief for her proclamations today and agree with her that

” we are delighted once again to team up with Umbro, a company which – like West Ham – is steeped in the heritage of English football but also a fast-growing global brand with an exciting future ahead..”

On the exciting future front, there appears to have been something of a unanimity amongst the party line today, with David Sullivan eulogising in similar fashion. Referring to inviting back some of the legends that played in the 1965 European cup winners team back to The Boleyn Ground, he reminisces about those days and states “Their triumph came in the middle of a glorious era for the Club, and those are the kind of days we are hoping to experience once again in the near future.” Indeed.