Peter White. A Hammer on a mission.

Pete has been a Hammer all his life, a season ticket holder for the past decade and is the embodiment of the true East End spirit; driven, proud yet humble but fiercely determined. He has personal reasons for throwing himself into challenges over the past few years. This is a guy who does like to push his own physical limits. 17 London marathons is not enough for him. Representing GB as a tri-athlete in the seniors category was also a cakewalk. Last year he decided to cycle on an indoor bike at his gym for 24 hours. I think it was around 500 miles has had completed by the end of that one. Then this. I’ll lift Pete’s transcript from his page (he’s the first link when you put in ‘Peter White’).

I am attempting to walk 100 miles to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This is a unique challenge and is something that has been attempted but never done before indoors. JDRF research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes and provide information for children, adults and parents living with the condition, at all stages from diagnosis and beyond. JDRF give a voice to people with type 1 diabetes and campaign for increased focus on, and funding for, research to find the cure. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Update; Pete finished his quest, to a point. At 85 miles, and with the world record intact, he called it a day. He had been through pain like few experience, delirium, disorientation but he got there. His facebook update tonight reads as follows:

The FIFA Autocracy requires a response

I don’t usually pass comment on too much in connection with the world of international football but the events of the past few months compel me to do so, as much as an exercise in cathartic self-help as anything else! In short, I’m fuming.

Take yourself back to the awarding of the 2018 world cup to Russia and the 2022 to Qatar. It was December 2010. I watched the whole thing unfold with jaw dropping incredulity. Admittedly I write from a biased, Anglophile’s view point but, even setting that aside, the strength and credibility of the English bid with all of the nation’s experience, infrastructure and the accessibility was unequivocal. This was the most professional and comprehensive bid and presentation, backed by some of the greatest living legends of world football in Charlton and Beckham, backed enthusiastically by the British Government, backed by Lord Coe, backed even in person by Prince William. It was in the bag, surely? Not since 1966 had the nation that gave the game to the world, hosted the tournament whilst Argentina, Germany (twice), Brazil, France, USA, Italy, Mexico, Spain and South Korea had all had the honour in the intervening period.

The feeling when Blatter pronounced Russia as the hosts was a sickener. Putin, with the face only a mother could love, leered approvingly and tried to look surprised whilst his entourage clapped and back slapped and, even before his country’s disgraceful intervention into the Ukraine, one was left of a sense that FIFA had somehow tacitly endorsed a nation with a shady reputation at best and one that arguably is founded on corruption, mafia thuggery and disregard for issues appertaining to human equality from sexuality to economic.

Looks like Zarate is off in January


It is with sadness that I read of the likely exit of the Argentinian Zarate, possibly as soon as the January window.

Anyone else recall the excitement we felt when we signed him, when he played pre-season and dropped that shoulder before sliding around the last defender and slamming the ball goal-bound? He scored a beauty at Selhurst Park too if memory serves. I remember writing that not since Di Canio had a player in claret and blue excited me so much.

Apparently, the player is frustrated at being asked to play only occasionally and then ‘in the hole’ as opposed to as an out and out striker. He feels as though he is 4th choice behind Sakho, Valencia and (dare I mention him….?) Carlton Cole!

We don’t often print rumour here at C&B but when an agent comes out with this sort of stuff, there really seems little room for doubt:

“At West Ham he plays behind the strikers and that is not his position. He is a centre-forward and if there is a team willing to let him play in his natural role, then we’d be very happy to take their offer into consideration. Torino? It’s true, but not just them, as several other Italian clubs also enquired about him. Can Zarate return to Serie A? We’ll see, we’ll see.”

Indeed we will. Like I say though, more’s the pity. He is just the sort of player I DO want to see playing for my club.